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Dimanche 30 août 2009

C’est la nouvelle édition qui remplace l’édition 2 n° 495 de l’OMM : Note Technique N° 158 “Manuel de prévision météorlogique pour le vol a voile”.

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Third edition of WMO Technical Note No 203

“Weather forecasting for soaring flight”.

WMO-No. 1038 ISBN 978-92-63-11038-1 Publication year 2009
Prepared by Organisation Scientifique et Technique Internationale du Vol à Voile (OSTIV)
WMO Publications, Number 1038 “Weather Forecasting for Soaring Flight”

ISBN 978-92-63-11038-1


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Significant changes have occurred in the forecasting of soaring flight since the second edition of WMO Technical Note No. 158 ‘Handbook of meteorological forecasting for soaring flight’ was printed in 1993 as WMO No. 495.
Numerical weather prediction has progressed towards the spatial and temporal resolution required by soaring flight and has produced the relevant physical quantities needed in non-powered flight: for example, the climb rates with their temporal and spatial distributions. The data transfer from numerical weather prediction centres to the pilot has increased significantly and new interfaces between the predicted weather and the pilot have appeared.
Available weather information and forecasts support preflight decision-making.
In return, flight recorders began to contribute quantitatively to the improvement of the predictions.
The OSTIV meteorological panel produced this Technical Note in order to document the progress that has been achieved.


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